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Dance Moms S07E07 Lifetime

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Dance Moms S07E07 Dance Moms S07E07
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Title: The Fresno Curse

Genre: Reality-TV / Reality
Air Date: January 10, 2017
Release Year: 2011
Kalani Hilliker,Kendall Vertes,Abby Lee Miller,Nia Fraizer,Brynn Rumfallo, Madison Ziegler,Chloe Lukasiak,Sarah Hunt,Vivi-Anne Stein,Areana Lopez,Alexus Oladi,Elliana Walmsley,Sophia Lucia,Maesi Caes,Daviana Fletcher,Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni,JoJo Siwa,Holly Frazier,Gianna Martello,Kelly Hyland,Christi Lukasiak,Mackenzie Ziegler,Paige Hyland,Brooke Hyland,Ashlee Rumfallo,Camille Bridges,Camryn Bridges,Elliana Walmsley,Holly Frazier,Jaime Caes,Jill Vertes,Lilliana Ketchman,Maesi Caes,Stacey Ketchman,Yolanda Walmsley

Network: Lifetime

Dance Moms S07E07 overview:
Abby and the ALDC try to break a long standing losing streak in Fresno, Calif.; Holly's nerves are frayed when Abby announces the theme for a controversial group dance; Elliana and Maesi's duet brings out the worst in their mothers.

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